Dovedale Dash 2012

Dec 16
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Well, it certainly does not get any warmer! The river is still deep and the mountain is still high (as in the song). We braved the elements – and that was just the car park!! A great race saw us overtaken by the Village People and dunk several youngsters on the river crossing as we used them like appropriately sized stepping stones.

Again, the bottle of bubbly and chocolate muffins were calling our names as we headed back up the hill. Nobody mentioned that the finish had finally been organised and the queues diminished by a funnel system. This now means you have to run up the entire hill even if you have got wise to this over the years and hung back in the field to take respite in the very British line that occurs as runners wait (in a most British fashion) to finish. Now there is no option but to run up the entire hillĀ  I’ll put a bit more effort in next year to finish in a good position – yeah right!!

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